3 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Red Gum Posts and Sleepers

28 June 2022

When working with construction projects, contractors must choose the best material for the posts and sleepers. Posts and sleepers should be made from a dependable material to ensure that they can remain appealing, durable, safe, and long-lasting.

Posts are typically maximised to provide support to structures. Alternatively, sleepers are normally utilised in building a retaining wall, a fence, garden edging, or even playground borders. To date, tons of materials can be utilised in generating these products. But one specific material that more and more contractors use today is red gum timber.

Red gum timber is well-known for its brilliant red colour. It is a popular Australian native hardwood timber that grows along creeks, rivers, and waterways. If you are looking for the best posts and sleepers, here are some reasons why you must go for the ones made from red gum timber.

  1. Durable and Robust

One of the reasons you should opt for red gum posts and sleepers is they are durable. Red gum timber maximises a rating of Class 1 aboveground and Class 2 of in-ground contact, which makes the material capable of meeting the building requirements of Australian homes without expecting any deterioration or failure. The durability and strength of red gum posts and sleepers are consistent throughout their service life, making them ideal not only for domestic builds but also for commercial ones.

  1. Resistant to Elements

Another reason why opting for red gum posts and sleepers is recommended for you is they can resist almost all damaging elements. For decades, termites have been known to be the main damaging element for timber products. But with red gum timber, its high-density levels allow it to withstand and resist termites. It does not even have to rely on termite treatments just to deter these elements from damaging them. This quality alone makes red gum posts and sleepers great for your property.

Aside from termites, you can also expect red gum posts and sleepers to be resistant to fire. Some areas here in Australia are prone to bushfire, and if you are near these areas, going for red gum posts and sleepers is highly recommended since they have a respectable degree of fire resistance.

  1. Stunning Appearance

One more reason you must go for red gum posts and sleepers is they are stunning. The natural brilliant red colour of red gum posts and sleepers makes their appeal attractive and stunning to many people. They can also retain their beautiful appeal despite ageing over time. And if you decide to alter their finish, you can maximise specific oils and stains or even polish or sand them. Once you opt for these posts and sleepers, you can easily enhance the value of your property.

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