4 Timber Deck Trends You Can Apply to Your Backyard This 2023

09 January 2023

Homeowners only want the best for their respective properties. And with the start of the new year, many of them would attempt to enhance the appeal and function of their properties.

One modification that property owners like you may want to implement to their properties is the addition of a deck. A deck is an outdoor feature often connected to the house itself. It features a flat surface that can support the weight of people staying in the said place. This outdoor feature can even be developed into outdoor living spaces and other useful areas. Many materials can be used in producing this outdoor feature. One of these materials is timber.

A timber deck can provide a rustic look to the property. It can likewise last for a long time if it is maintained regularly. If you are thinking of adding a timber deck in your backyard, here are some trends you can apply to the said outdoor feature this 2023.

1. Living Space Extension

One trend you can apply to your timber deck is a living space extension. Most of the time, decks often integrated into properties feature a varying surface level from the indoor space to set them apart. But if you want to extend your living space from your house, you can ask for your timber deck to be aligned with your house. Your timber deck can be extended into a living space by adding a couple of seats and a space dedicated to casual conversations.

2. Outdoor Kitchen

Your timber deck boasts a large space that can be used as an alternative kitchen for your home. An outdoor kitchen for your property can be a great addition this year since it provides more cooking areas for your household. And if you expect some visitors to come and visit your home, your outdoor kitchen can become handy as you get to cook more food in a short time. A spacious countertop can be added to your deck so you can serve food and drinks right away. An outdoor island can even be added to make the outdoor kitchen sociable.

3. Swimming Pool Deck

The existence of a swimming pool alone can already make a property appealing and valuable. However, to ensure that the pool area can be a safe place for your family and friends to gather and spend time together, you may want to utilise a timber deck. A timber deck can be a great addition to your swimming pool as it can minimise trip hazards. Its gaps can likewise provide good drainage, preventing pool water from accumulating in the wrong places.

4. Recreational Area

One more design trend you can implement to your timber deck is the addition of a recreational area. If you and others want to keep your eyes off the phone or television, you can surely maximise a deck filled with comfortable and cosy seating. Pillows and blankets can also be placed on the deck so that you and others can chill a little bit. The addition of climate control like ceiling fans or heaters can likewise make the place comfortable, making your timber deck a perfect place to relax and rest while enjoying the outdoor view.

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