5 Ways to Utilise Timber Sleepers in Your Home Garden

11 October 2022

Home gardens are filled with a wide range of landscape elements to make them appealing, functional, and valuable. Trees and plants, for instance, are added to ensure that the surroundings will boast fresh air and beautiful scenery. Patios, decks, and other structures, alternatively, are constructed to generate quality outdoor spaces.

But these elements will never be complete without utilising the right materials. One of the materials that are often used in home gardens is timber sleepers. Timber sleepers often set the borders for garden beds so they can keep out unnecessary traffic in their surroundings. They are often placed on a level surface in various shapes and are screwed together at their corners.

Timber sleepers, however, can also be used in other things. If you want to be creative in using timber sleepers, here are some ways you can utilise the said materials.

1. Stylistic Pathway Borders

One way to utilise timber sleepers in your home garden is to turn them into stylistic pathway borders. Pathways can already be stylistic once you have utilised stones and other high-quality materials. But once you pair these things with timber sleepers, you may be surprised at how elegant your pathways could be. Timber sleepers that are cut in different lengths can be set as borders for pathways made from decorative stones, slate, or mulch.

2. Durable Wooden Steps

A garden found on a sloping area can be mesmerising to look at, especially if it has been designed optimally. Its appearance can even be enhanced once you maximise timber sleepers as its wooden steps, make them the perfect replacement for brick and concrete steps. When using sleepers for your wooden steps, you may want to cut them to the right length and utilise a wood preserver on their ends. Afterwards, you can install the sleepers on wooden stakes that are planted into the ground. You can likewise concrete the sleepers to make them functional.

3. Robust Retaining Walls

Retaining walls have been the staple for home gardens that require extra support for the ground. While most retaining walls can be constructed without considering their general appeal, building one with timber sleepers can make them more valuable to property owners like you. When building retaining walls with timber sleepers, you may want to position them vertically or horizontally and subsequently secure them with metal brackets.

4. Useful Wood Planters

Timber sleepers can be used not only in creating pathway borders, wooden steps, and retaining walls but they can also be utilised in generating wood planters. When transforming timber sleepers into wood planters, you may want to cut them to length and treat their ends for added protection and appeal. As you fix the membrane in place, you may want to coat them with a compatible paint so they can be distinctive and look attractive.

5. Quality Outdoor Furniture

One more way to utilise timber sleepers is to turn them into quality outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture pieces like chairs and tables can be made from timber sleepers as they can resist outdoor elements like heat and moisture. And with proper treatment, they are expected to last for a long time. Another great thing about timber sleepers that make them compatible with outdoor furniture is they are appealing. Their existence of varying grains on their surfaces makes them look unique and distinctive from other materials.

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