AUSSIE CLEAR Decking Oil: Hardwood Protection from Weather Elements

01 November 2023

Unlock the power of AUSSIE CLEAR decking oil in safeguarding hardwood. Offered by I Got Wood, protects against weather elements. Call (03) 9850 4222.

When it comes to decking, hardwood is highly considered a popular choice for its natural beauty, durability, and strength. However, to ensure that your hardwood decking remains resilient against the harsh weather elements, it must be equipped with proper protection. This is where AUSSIE CLEAR comes in, offering a powerful solution to shield your investment and enhance its longevity.

Protection Given by AUSSIE CLEAR

The AUSSIE CLEAR is comprised of elements that help safeguard hardwood decking from the detrimental effects of weather elements like sunlight, rain, and moisture. This product not only protects but also enhances the natural aesthetics of the wood, enriching its colour and grain. 

This exterior decking oil and timber finish is oil-based, allowing it to highlight the natural beauty and grain of the decking. It can even stabilise the timber through repelling moisture, which minimises the occurrence of checking or splitting. Peeling or cracking will likewise not develop since this decking oil does not allow a film to form. Even mould growth can be prevented through its powerful mouldicide. 

Primary Benefits of AUSSIE CLEAR

Maximising AUSSIE CLEAR on your timber decking can provide you with tons of benefits.

·         Ensured Weather Protection: The primary function of AUSSIE CLEAR is to provide comprehensive weather protection to hardwood decking. UV rays, rain, humidity, and temperature fluctuations can all take a toll on wood, leading to fading, cracking, and warping. AUSSIE CLEAR forms a barrier that repels water, prevents moisture ingress, and reduces the risk of wood splitting or rotting due to prolonged exposure.

·         Preserved Aesthetics: Hardwood decking adds beauty and value to outdoor spaces, and AUSSIE CLEAR understands the importance of maintaining its aesthetics. The oil penetrates the wood fibres, highlighting the natural colour variations and intricate grain patterns. This functionality not only enriches the visual appeal but also showcases the unique character of the hardwood.

·         Guaranteed Durability: The protection offered by AUSSIE CLEAR is not short-lived. Its durable formulation ensures that your hardwood decking remains shielded for an extended period. This feature means less frequent maintenance, reduced refinishing, and more time to enjoy your outdoor living spaces without any issues.

·         Simplified Application: AUSSIE CLEAR stands out not only for its effectiveness but also for its user-friendly application. With a variety of application methods available, from brushing to spraying, homeowners can easily apply the oil without the need for complex tools or extensive expertise. 

·         Extensive Versatility: Aside from decking, AUSSIE CLEAR can also be used to protect fencing, pergolas, weatherboards, window frames, furniture, cladding, or facia. It is then compatible with Cedar, Merbau, Jarrah, Cypress Pine, and Spotted Gum.

·         Minimised Environmental Impact: Beyond its robust protection, AUSSIE CLEAR takes into account environmental concerns. The oil is formulated with eco-friendly components, minimising its impact on the environment and ensuring it aligns with sustainable practices.

In the world of hardwood decking, AUSSIE CLEAR stands as a reliable guardian against the relentless forces of nature. From safeguarding against weather elements to enhancing the wood’s natural beauty, this oil encapsulates the essence of effective wood protection. Available at I Got Wood, you can enjoy the timeless appeal and enduring charm of hardwood decking with AUSSIE CLEAR, knowing that it’s fortified for the challenges of the great outdoors.

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