How to Prevent Your Home Landscape Timbers from Decaying and Rotting?

24 January 2023

Residential buildings nowadays in Australia take advantage of various landscape features to make their properties more appealing to their families and neighbours. They are also added to provide some comfortable spaces for the occupants to relax whenever they want. Landscape features may even provide an added function to the properties, especially if a family wants to extend their interior living spaces and entertainment areas.

One material that is often utilised in landscape features is timber. The natural looks of timber materials allow them to be featured in many Australian homes, particularly on walls, garden beds, sheds, steps, and fencing. They can also be robust and sturdy, as long as they are processed, manufactured, and maintained optimally.

Landscape Timbers Decay and Rot

Landscape timbers, after all, can still decay and rot if they are not maintained very well. Even the treated ones can be damaged after using them for a long time. One of the main culprits behind their decay and rot is fungal attacks.

Once fungi infiltrate landscape timbers, they can easily penetrate various parts of these materials and eat them from the inside. As fungi continue to live inside these timbers, they can gradually decay the wood until they become too soft. And if someone attempts to hit the timbers, they can easily destroy them even at light force.

Moisture is another element that can damage landscape timbers. The lack of waterproofing can easily expose the timbers to damage caused by moisture exposure. Once moisture infiltrates the internal part of the timbers, it can easily destroy their structure until they get soft as well.

Other factors that can damage landscape timbers are warmth and oxygen.

Save Timbers from Costly Damage

Damages on landscape timbers can cost property owners like you a lot of money. They can, after all, cost a lot of money as they can be intricate to obtain, process, transport, and install.

There are many ways to prevent your landscape timbers from decaying and rotting.

One way to prevent your landscape timbers from getting damaged is to limit their exposure to moisture. You can do this by putting your landscape timbers in areas where they do not obtain too much moisture. They may still rot and decay over time, but you can somehow delay the inevitable for a long time.

Another way to deter your landscape timbers from decaying and rotting is to install a retaining wall moisture barrier. This specific feature can prevent your landscape timbers from coming into direct contact with the ground. Painting your landscape timbers can also be a good way to prevent rotting as paint can prevent moisture and fungus from attacking them.

A waterproofing bitumen membrane can likewise be applied to your landscape timbers. One particular brand of this product that you can get is Protite. Applying this product to your timbers ensure that they can last for a long time. It can be utilised for posts, retaining walls, planter boxes, and other landscape features that take advantage of timbers. To purchase these products, feel free to visit our online shop at I Got Wood. Contact us to know more about them.

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