Most Common Structural Timber Materials You Can Acquire from I Got Wood

08 August 2022

Construction companies have been known for maximising materials that can provide great benefits to their projects. One of the materials they often utilise is timber.

What is great about timber materials, in general, is they are versatile. Most timber materials can be bent and cut into a wide array of shapes and styles, making them compatible with most structural components a building would require. Another pro of timber materials is they are durable. With the right processing and coating, they can effectively withstand harsh weather conditions and other damaging elements. They are also cost-effective and eco-friendly.

At I Got Wood, we offer various timber materials that can be perfect for construction projects. Some of the most common structural timber materials you can acquire from us are the following.


One of the structural timber materials that we offer is cypress. Cypress is a softwood timber most popular for its natural resistance to termites, rot, and moisture, making it great for outdoor structural features such as landscaping, fencing, and cladding. It can also be processed to attain a smooth, fine finish, which boosts its overall cost value. This softwood also features distinctive multiple tight knots, making it perfect for constructing flooring, decks, and others.


Merbau is another offering from I Got Wood that is perfect for construction projects. This popular hardwood in Australia is best known for its resistance to decay and insect infestations. It can also resist bushfire, making the timber perfect for bushfire-inclined locales. Merbau likewise boasts an attractive look, which is characterised by its brown to reddish-brown shading and interlocking grain design. These qualities make Merbau great for decking and flooring.

Spotted Gum

Spotted gum, alongside cypress and Merbau, can be found locally in Australia. This factor alone makes it great for construction projects that aim to be cost-effective and eco-friendly. The timber material itself is perfect for the building industry thanks to its resistance to weather conditions and ultraviolet rays. It also boasts a light hazel colour to a deep red-brown as well as wavy grain patterns and markings. Spotted gum is likewise strong against dents, markings, and scratches.

Treated Pine

Australian treated pine is a strong softwood that can be useful for frame construction. One benefit of using treated pine is it is versatile. This material can be cut, stained, and carved without any issues, making it perfect for producing various structural components. It is also durable, as the material does not decay and rot despite using it for a long time. And since it can be found locally, the material itself will only require minimal energy to be processed fully.

Victorian Ash

One of the tallest hardwood species in the world is Victorian ash. This specific hardwood here in Australia often possesses a straight grain. But sometimes, it can also yield fiddleback markings and visible gum veins. Victorian ash may be utilised for structural framing, but it is also recommended to be utilised for mouldings, panelling, flooring, handrails, staircases, balusters, and other internal structural components.


Redgum, ultimately, is a versatile hardwood offering by I Got Wood. It has light to dark red heartwood, making it suitable for construction, decking, and flooring. This hardwood can even be maximised in structures for high traffic areas thanks to its valuable durability and high density. Aside from construction works, redgum can also be used in making furniture pieces, making this hardwood popular across Australia.

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