Anchor Mark S2 TTM Fencing Screw Delta Seal (Timber To Metal)


Unique and stylish finish for your fencing, screening and cladding with steel substructures.

The advantages of this screw are:

  • Carbon steel screw with Delta®-Seal coating for better corrosion protection
  • Suitable for fencing
  • NOT suitable for use around pools, close to the waterline and in aggressive environments or areas with extreme UV exposure (for those applications you should consider our stainless 316/bimetal screws)
  • The self-drilling tip makes the installation quick and easy
  • Small head diameter ensures that the head can sink in cleanly and easily
  • Timber is protected from tearing or splitting by the drill tip
  • Smooth head for a perfect finish – no need to sand timber after installation
  • Available in silver, brown and black finishes

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45mm Qty 500 Black, 38mm Qty 500 Black, 45mm Qty 500 Brown, 38mm Qty 500 Brown, 45mm Qty 500 Silver, 38mm Qty 500 Silver