Soudal PVA Wood Glue


Water Resistant PVA Wood Glue

A water resistant,  one component, humidity resistant, cross-linking, interior and exterior PVA wood adhesive that fulfils the requirements for long term high bond strength. Water resistant to class D3 (EN204/5).

Features & Benefits
  • Easy application
  • Transparent when dry
  • High bond strength
  • Fast drying
  • Resistant to high temperatures

Suitable for bonding of wood products, MDF, particle board, Formica, veneers, oak and tropical hardwood. All interior and exterior applications, which are not exposed to weather. Interior applications with frequent short-term exposure of the bonds to running or condensed water. Interior applications with long-term exposure of the bonds to high humidity. Exterior applications which are not exposed to weather. Manufacturing of door and window-frames that need to meet class D3 according to EN204

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1 Litre, 500 ml, 250 ml