Properties and Applications of Victorian Ash Timber that You Can Buy from I Got Wood

01 December 2022

Owners of residential buildings maximise a wide variety of materials to make their beloved homes appealing and functional.

Metal, for instance, is utilised as a structural framework. It is also maximised in making window frames, handrails, and decorative components. Glass is another material often used by property owners in producing windows and walls. Other materials often used by property owners are natural stones, ceramics, concrete, plastic, and timber.

Timber is one of the materials that will always be present in construction works. This material, after all, is flexible, durable, appealing, and eco-friendly. One specific timber that property owners like you can buy from us at I Got Wood is Victorian ash.

Key Properties of Victorian Ash

Victorian ash is the trade name for alpine ash and mountain ash, which are two of the tallest hardwood species in the world. This specific timber is native to the alpine areas of Victoria that is often utilised for timber framing, furniture, and internal applications. Victorian ash can also be maximised for flooring and staircase joinery.

Aside from Victoria, Victorian ash can also be found in Tasmania and NSW. When looking for this hardwood species, one can identify Victorian ash through its straight grain and coarse texture. Its heartwood then features pale pink to yellowish brown and a walnut colour, which can be obtained through steaming with ammonia. This timber can likewise utilise a light, creamy-coloured timber appeal, making it great for appearance applications. It also has a predominately straight grain.

As for durability, Victorian ash can be reliable. It has good resistance against insects which makes it great for both indoor and outdoor applications. Working with Victorian ash can be straightforward since it can be glued and finished optimally. Its lack of shrinkage after drying makes it great for many construction applications.

Victorian Ash Main Applications

Victorian ash has acceptable above-ground durability that makes it excellent for interior applications like panelling, moulding, flooring, staircases, handrails, balusters, cupboards, furniture, bench tops, high-value joinery, and protected window joinery. This timber can also take the form of plywood, making it useful for crates, boxes, and paper pulp. Keep in mind, however, that those made from lighter-coloured Victorian ash can be more expensive.

Victorian ash structures and surfaces that are oiled can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Those that have been sealed, alternatively, must be cleaned with a dry cloth to effectively dust and maintain their finish.

Buy Victorian Ash from I Got Wood

If you want to incorporate Victorian ash into your property, you can contact us at I Got Wood. Since 1988, we have already been supplying property owners with outdoor timber products, allowing us to complete their decking, pergola, and fencing projects. Today, we continue to provide Bulleen and surrounding suburbs in the Manningham and Boroondara districts with quality outdoor timber products like treated pine, cypress pine and treated pine products.

Browse our online shop so you can choose from a wide array of Victorian ash products. You may also spot some more products that could help you carry out outdoor construction projects.

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