Pros and Cons of Adding Lattice Fencing to Your Yard

26 July 2022

Most outdoor features like patios and dining areas can truly enhance the overall appearance, functionality, and value of home properties. However, they can also attract burglars and other people to intrude on the properties. They can likewise be damaged by neighbours who might be conducting their yard works. These things may happen if a yard is not protected with fencing.

Fencing is a structure that encloses a yard or any other structure, ensuring that people will not be able to enter private properties easily. Different styles of fencing can be maximised by homeowners. But one distinct style that property owners like you must maximise is lattice fencing.

Pros of Adding Lattice Fencing

Lattice fencing is a style of fencing that maximises strips of wood, metal, or vinyl crossed and combined to form a square- or diamond-shaped spaces. Some of the pros of adding lattice fencing are as follows.

  • Enhanced Appeal: One of the pros of adding lattice fencing in your yard is it can provide enhanced appeal to your property. Lattice fencing boasts an aesthetically pleasing design. It even matches almost all modern styles of properties today. Once this fencing is added to your yard, you can expect your property to attain a boosted curb appeal.
  • Boosted Versatility: Another great pro of adding lattice fencing in your yard is it can make your yard versatile. With its square or diamond-shaped spaces, any climbing plants in your garden can easily become lively once they crawl on the fencing. Lattice fencing can even be modified to match your needed yard height, granting you endless opportunities in modifying your outdoor space.
  • Simplified Installation: Lattice fencing can be beneficial for you since installing it does not require a lot of work. Other fencing styles often require a lot of time, effort, and resources before they can be installed properly. But with lattice fencing, contractors can easily install it with ease. This pro allows you to transform your yard into a beautiful one right away.
  • Minimised Expenses: One more advantage of adding lattice fencing is it does not require a lot of money. The materials used for lattice fencing normally cost cheaper than the ones needed for other types of fences. Lattice fencing, especially those made from quality timber, is significantly more affordable than others, saving you tons of money.

Cons of Adding Lattice Fencing

Lattice fencing may provide tremendous benefits to your property, but it still has some cons that you must know. Some cons of adding lattice fencing are the following.

  • Lessened Privacy: One of the most notable cons of adding lattice fencing is it can lessen the privacy of your yard. The holes and spaces present with this fencing can provide your neighbours and passers-by with a great view of your landscaping. They may see you and your family when spending quality time together. It can be a huge drawback, especially if you just want to keep things private. Fortunately, adding tall plants and trees can already block the view of people outside.
  • Limited Durability: Another con of adding lattice fencing is it has limited durability. Compared to other types of fencing, lattice fencing can be somehow average in terms of overall longevity. Any extensive strain can already ruin its structural integrity, requiring you to maintain it regularly.

Lattice fencing may not be the most perfect fencing solution; however, the pros still outweigh the cons, and, in the end, it serves the purpose of adding protection to your property at a much more affordable price. Here at I Got Wood, we have many things to offer that you can simply order online. We make everything easier and more convenient for you.

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