Shop Online for Timber Supplies: ‘I Got Wood’ Offers the Most Convenient Way

31 May 2022

Managing the procurement of timber supplies can be a daunting task, especially if you will have to check every timber company in Australia. Outsourcing your timber supplies in physical stores cuts a lot of your budget and requires so much effort and time on your part. For this reason, people have become more attracted to doing their shopping in the comfort of their homes and because of the many benefits that it offers. So,to make the task more hassle-free and convenient, we have a more convenient way to shop for your timber supplies at I Got Wood. We offeronline purchasing of various timber and hardware needs.


Some online retailers sell their products with attractive promos and discounts to attract online shoppers. And this is what makes online shopping not only convenient but also very cost-effective. Online stores offer prices that are way much cheaper than shopping in physical stores. Online shopping allows you to find cheaper timber products that have a different price range than those displayed in the physical stores. Hence, a very cost-effective way to shop for your timber supplies and I Got Wood offers the most convenient way to make this possible.

Saves Time

Shopping timber suppliers online will help you get away from long queues as well as the stressful drive to the timber shop. Physical shopping can be time-consuming for you. At I Got Wood, we offer a wide range of services that caters to various timber needs that you can conveniently purchase online. A more convenient way of procuring your timber supplies which can help you save time.


Convenience is the major benefit of shopping for your timber supplies online. At I Got Wood, you just select your timber choices, add them to your cart and we will deliver it right to your doorstep. Aside from our timber products, we also have new stocks for Treated Pine Pool Safety Rail if you also need to purchase this item to comply with the new council pool regulations.

Easy Comparison

Shopping online makes your timber procurement made easy since you can easily get a piece of detailed information about the timber products for easy comparison. You just navigate through our timber products online and check the details. If you come across our red gum i.e., Post and Sleepers, you might also find the need to purchase this item. We offer various length options and a special length of 2.4m 125×75 for $40ea.

Easy Online Tracking

Doing your shopping online means easy online tracking of your timber orders. Get away with the agony of waiting because online marketing platforms are facilitated with online tracking that lets you track your orders and the delivery status. It will give you a heads-up as to when will your timber supplies will be delivered to your doorstep. On our website at I Got Wood, you can create an online account for easy login and purchasing to offer you the most convenient way to shop for your timber supplies.

For an easy and convenient way of shopping for your timber supplies and other needs, at I Got Wood, we specialise in timber and hardware supply and a  wide range of services that involves different timber needs. We are equipped with builders, home builders, landscapers, fencing contractors, carpenters, maintenance people, home handy renovators, and DIY and timber hobbyist.

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