Structural Timber Supply: F17 Kiln Dried Hardwood for Long-Lasting Construction

02 February 2024

Guarantee the success of your building projects with F17 Kiln Dried Hardwood. Available at I Got Wood, explore the benefits of this timber. Call (03) 9850 4222.

Many materials in the construction industry can be utilised to enhance the quality of a structure. They can also be maximised to prolong the lifespan of a building. One of the materials that construction contractors can utilise on their projects is F17 Kiln Dried Hardwood available at I Got Wood online shop.

Sourcing F17 Kiln Dried Hardwood

F17 Kiln Dried Hardwood refers to a special grade of hardwood timber that has undergone a stringent stress-grading process and kiln drying to meet specified structural standards. The processes this hardwood undergoes can ensure that the material possesses the necessary strength, stability, and durability required for various construction applications.

The F17 grading of the hardwood indicates a specific grade of hardwood timber that has undergone a stringent stress-grading process and kiln drying. Kiln drying is a controlled process involving placing timber in a kiln or a large oven-like chamber to reduce its moisture content. Temperature and humidity control allows the hardwood to be saved from the risk of warping, twisting, or shrinking, making the material maintain its structural integrity and dimensional stability.

Kiln Dried Hardwood for Buildings

The process of kiln drying allows F17 Kiln Dried Hardwood to possess characteristics that would make it useful in building projects. These characteristics are as follows.

•  Notable Strength: F17 Kiln Dried Hardwood is known for its exceptional strength. The “F17” grading indicates that the timber has been stress-graded to meet a specific level of structural performance, ensuring that it can withstand substantial loads and adverse surrounding conditions.

•  Natural Resistance to Decay and Pests: Another characteristic of F17 Kiln Dried Hardwood is its natural resistance to decay and pests. The timber’s natural oils act as a deterrent to insects, fungi, and other organisms, contributing to its longevity and minimising the need for chemical treatments.

•  Enhanced Stability: The kiln drying process, as mentioned earlier, enhances the stability and performance of F17 Hardwood. It allows the timber to be less prone to warping, twisting, or shrinking, ensuring it maintains its structural integrity over time.

•  Boosted Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond its structural qualities, F17 Kiln Dried Hardwood boasts a natural aesthetic appeal. The timber’s rich colours, grain patterns, and texture add warmth and character to any construction project. Whether used for exposed beams, interior finishes, or outdoor decking, the visual appeal of F17 Hardwood enhances the overall design and ambience of a space.

•  Dependable Quality: Choosing F17 Kiln Dried Hardwood for structural timber supply is an investment in the long-term quality and resilience of a construction project. The timber’s ability to withstand the test of time, coupled with its aesthetic appeal and environmental considerations, positions it as a material that adds enduring value to structures.

I Got Wood’s Kiln Dried Hardwood

I Got Wood can manufacture and supply F17 Kiln Dried Hardwood. We ensure precise grading and implement quality control measures to ensure consistency in strength and performance. Builders and contractors can rely on the predictable and uniform properties of this timber, facilitating accurate construction practices and reducing uncertainties in the building process.

Opting for our hardwood enables you to produce quality structural framing, beams, flooring, and decking thanks to its great strength-to-weight ratio, enhanced stability, great appeal, and many more.

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