Top 3 Reasons You Should Go for H3 Treated Pine for Decking

23 August 2022

Property owners can opt for a wide variety of outdoor features in improving their property values. Some of these features include patios, pools, gazebos, fireplaces, and fountains.

Another outdoor feature that property owners can maximise is decking. Decking is an outdoor feature that is characterised by an elevated flat surface connected to a building or structure. These specific qualities of the decking make it a perfect feature for surrounding existing home properties, pools, and water features. Decking can also be used as a makeshift outdoor dining area, entertainment zone, dedicated pathway, and a raised garden area.

Since decking is located outside, it should be made from materials that can support heavy foot traffic and withstand weather elements. One of the materials that can be maximised in producing quality decking is treated pine.

General Properties of Treated Pine

Structural pine timber is known for its white to pale yellow sapwood and light-brown to yellow heartwood. These appealing characteristics make this specific timber recommended for producing flooring, lining, furniture pieces, panels, sleepers, and others. This material, however, is highly vulnerable to fungi, insects, and weathering elements. So, to make it more useful for major construction works, this material is often mixed with preservatives.

The addition of preservatives makes the structural pine timber become treated pine. The chemicals included with these preservatives help the said material to be resistant to damaging elements. They can likewise make the treated pine resistant to decay and insects.

Aside from their strength and durability, pines preserved by chemicals can easily last for a long time, making them cost-effective for those who will be using them as their outdoor features.

Using H3 Treated Pine for Decking

Treated pine is typically categorised based on its hazard (H) class. A treated pine with a high hazard class number means that it possesses a greater level of treatment.

If you will be using treated pine for decking, you must go for H3 treated pine. Here are some reasons why you should go for this specific class of treated pine.

  1. Enhanced Resistance: One of the reasons why you must use H3 treated pine for decking is it boasts enhanced resistance to damaging elements. Termites, decay, and fungi attacks can all destroy vulnerable decking materials in a short time. By using H3 treated pine, you can expect your decking to be resistant to these elements, making it last longer.
  2. Additional Cost Savings: Property owners often think that adding outdoor features can be costly. After all, they believe that these features would require regular upkeep and servicing. H3 treated pine, however, does not require regular upkeep. The said material is even affordable to acquire, making it a great choice for your decking needs.
  3. Countless Supply: H3 treated pines are also recommended for your decking needs since they can be acquired conveniently. Since structural pine timbers are abundant here in Australia, the supply for the treated ones gets replenished right away. If you intend to replace your existing decking with this material, you can easily find a supplier that can provide you with the said outdoor feature option.

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