Treated Pine Pool Safety Rail 60 Degree / Tilt Batten: Your Affordable Solution for Pool Safety

09 June 2022

Property owners normally add swimming pools to their backyard to provide additional recreational space for their families. Additionally, they invest in these outdoor features as they can add value to their properties. They must, however, ensure that they remain safe and secure.

If you currently own a swimming pool, you must ensure that it will always remain safe and secure. This outdoor feature can pose tons of dangers to you and others if it is not maintained effectively. The accumulation of water on the surrounding floor area, for instance, can cause you and others to slip. Pool toys and floats that are scattered at the poolside can also make you and others trip and fall.

Children may likewise go towards the pool area unattended. Without any supervision, they may end up falling into the pool. Most of these safety issues, fortunately, can be mitigated through a safety barrier.

Safety Barriers Installation for Pool Safety

One of the new council pool compliance regulations clearly states the need to construct a safety barrier around a pool or spa. Aside from safety barrier installation, it must also be inspected and certified once every four years. For property owners like you, complying with these regulations is essential to keep you from harm and dangers. It can also save you from hefty consequences.

There are different forms of safety barriers that you can maximise. Some of them include internal fences, boundary fences, gates, windows, buildings, and even doors. They can also be made from various materials such as wood, metal, glass, and many more.

When choosing the safety barriers for your pool, you must ensure that they meet the stipulated minimum height requirements of the council. They must also be far from climbable objects. Ultimately, the safety barriers themselves must not be climbable. Now, if your safety barriers are near static climbable objects, you can cover them with non-climbable materials. Chamfers and coverings with at least 60 degrees angle can also be used to prevent fences and other objects from being climbable.

Maximising Treated Pine Pool Safety Rails

We, at I Got Wood, know the importance of ensuring pool safety for properties. Hence, we offer treated pine pool safety rails that can benefit your property. What makes us a reputable supplier for this product is that we have been specialising in timber and hardware supply for years, which allows us to offer a wide range of services that involve different timber needs.

One of the products that we offer is treated pine pool safety rails. Their base material, treated pine timber, comes from structural pine timber that is not durable in nature. The said material can also be vulnerable to attacks from fungi, insects, and weathering. But through the addition of preservative chemicals, the said material turns into treated pine timber, which we use in making pool safety rails.

What makes our treated pine pool safety rails or tilt batten valuable for your money is they are durable. These pool safety rails do not decay or rot, which allows them to last longer and carry out their intended purpose. They are also sustainable as their production does not cause negative impacts on the environment. They also comply with the standards set by the council.

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