What Makes Cypress Wood Fencing a Good Option for Your Property?

08 September 2022

A wide range of outdoor features can be added to properties. But one specific feature that many property owners want to maximise is the fence.

Adding a fence to your property can provide you with a lot of benefits. First, it can improve the appeal of your property. Another benefit of adding a fence on your property is it can protect your property from intruders. Fencing your property can likewise create a sound barrier, protect your landscaping, and keep your kids and pets safe while they are playing.

The benefits of adding a fence around your property, however, can only be attained once you opt for the right materials. One material that you can use for your fencing is cypress wood. Here are some reasons why cypress wood fencing would be a good option for your property.

Insect Resistant

One of the reasons why cypress wood fencing would be good for your property is it is insect resistant. Many types of timbers cannot be used for fencing as they can easily be destroyed by insects and pests. Cypress wood, fortunately, has natural oils that deter these harmful elements from infiltrating and damaging their surfaces. Using this material for your fencing can surely help the outdoor feature last for a long time without requiring regular upkeep.

Decay Resistant

Cypress wood fencing cannot only resist insects, but it can also resist decay and rot occurrences. This type of timber has this specific feature as it maximises an acidic component that acts like a built-in fungicide. So, even in prolonged exposure to wet areas, you can expect your cypress wood fencing to retain its appealing looks for years. It can prevent mould and mildew from developing, saving you and others from health issues. Of course, you can apply some sealer or paint on the fencing to further prolong its service life.

Strong Composition

Aside from being resistant to insects and decay, cypress wood fencing can also benefit your property as it boasts a strong structure. Compared to cedar and most types of pine, cypress wood is often harder and more robust. So, using this timber as your fencing allows you to have an outdoor feature that is durable against dings, nicks, and scratches. A cypress wood fencing is even stable, allowing it to support nails without any issues. This type of fencing would be perfect for your property if you have kids or pets who love to play around.

Attractive Appeal

One more reason why cypress wood fencing is a good option for your property is it can provide an attractive appeal to your outdoor area. Cypress wood has a light, yellowish-brown colour. Some of its boards can then maximise scattered pockets of darker hues. All these qualities can provide you with attractive fences. Take note however that this type of fencing may gradually develop a honey-gold look after a few years. This fencing, fortunately, can be stained, granting you some colour options if you do not want to retain its classic weathered look.

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