Why Should You Take Advantage of Red Gum Hardwood Sawn Posts?

21 February 2023

Buildings and structures must be built with strong materials so they can last for more than a decade. One of the materials often maximised in constructing buildings and structures is timber.

Timber is generally used by construction companies since it can be generated in various shapes and sizes. And with the addition of elements, timber construction materials can be sturdy and reliable, especially if they are installed and maintained optimally. Another advantage of timber is it is naturally renewable. It likewise produces a lower carbon footprint than others. The integration of timber materials, therefore, makes buildings and structures sustainable.

One component of buildings and structures that can be made from timber is the post. Posts are vertical or leaning support elements in structures wherein structural frames into which walls can be placed and generated. One type of timber that can be used for posts is red gum hardwood.

A Quick Overview of Red Gum Hardwood

Red gum hardwood is a dense, durable, and versatile hardwood that is best characterised by its light-to-dark red heartwood. It is often used for cladding, decking, framing, flooring, and furniture marking. Of course, it can also be utilised as posts for construction projects.

When distinguishing red gum hardwood from others, one can easily notice its red appeal. Some red gum hardwood parts may come in light red, while others tend to maximise a darker red. The sapwood of this hardwood can then be distinctly paler in colour, particularly grey or cream-red. It then has interlocked grain that is moderately coarse.

As for workability, red gum hardwood has class 1 durability, which is the highest rating possible for hardwood materials. This rating allows red gum hardwood materials to last for over 25 years. But even with its hardness, it can still be maximised easily by construction companies, especially during its installation, fitting, fastening, and others.

Red Gum Hardwood Sawn Posts Benefits

Red gum hardwood is often sawn, allowing contractors to obtain the said material in different shapes and sizes. A red gum hardwood sawn post, for instance, is a material often used by contractors in constructing buildings and structures.

Tons of benefits and advantages can be obtained from red gum hardwood sawn posts. Some of these are as follows.

• Durable: One of the advantages of red gum hardwood sawn posts is they are durable. As mentioned earlier, they have a class 1 durability rating, which makes them extremely durable. The durability of these posts makes them beneficial for not only domestic builds but also commercial and industrial projects.

• Resistance to Elements: Red gum hardwood sawn posts are not only durable but can also be resistant to elements like termites. Termites can easily destroy a lot of timber materials. Red gum hardwood sawn posts, fortunately, can deter them from destroying them. They can even prevent their materials from rotting due to surrounding elements. These posts can likewise resist fire, making them highly recommended in fire-prone regions.

• Stylish: The vibrant red colour appeal of red gum hardwood sawn posts can easily entice property owners, occupants, and visitors. Once installed, they can conveniently enhance the appeal of the buildings and structures, which then increases their overall value.

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