All the Benefits You Can Get from Merbau Decking

13 July 2022

Timber decking is a construction material generally utilised in building patios, outdoor decks, and other similar structures. This material can also be used for screens, gates, fences, seating, and internal flooring. Various hard and soft wood species can be used to produce timber decking. But one type of hardwood that is frequently used in producing timber decking here in Australia is Merbau.

Merbau is a type of timber that grows in northern Queensland and other Asian countries. It is best characterised by its orange-yellow-brown heartwood hues when first harvested that turn into a deeper red-brown as time passes. Most Merbau decking has a wavy and interlocked grain and can be sealed with a clear coating or stained lightly with a semi-transparent finish.

If you will be maximising Merbau decking, you may expect to gain the following benefits.

Enhanced Looks

One of the benefits that you can get from using Merbau decking is it can enhance the appearance of your property. As mentioned earlier, decking can be utilised in a lot of ways. And once you decide to opt for Merbau decking in enhancing your patio or upgrading your fences, you will be surprised at how beautiful your outdoor features will be after installing the material. The attractive benefits of Merbau decking are brought by its unique interlocking grain design and reddish-brown shading.

Ensured Workability

Another benefit of Merbau decking is it can be altered depending on your needs. Merbau is one of the most workable materials for decking today. Its workability allows decking manufacturers to change its shape and form depending on your needs. So, no matter what outdoor structure you have in mind, you can be assured that it can be generated with Merbau decking without any issues.

Proven Durability

Merbau possesses natural oils that protect it from cracking, splitting, and shrinkage. These elements also help prevent Merbau from getting damaged by harsh temperatures, extreme climates, fire, saltwater, and other damaging elements and conditions. Even termites and fungal rotting can be deterred by the natural oils. These characteristics make Merbau decking a great choice for your property, especially if you are planning to build outdoor structures and features from this material alone.

Guaranteed Longevity

Merbau decking can be beneficial for your property as it can remain intact for decades. Merbau has a Class 1 durability rating once it is maximised above ground. Alternatively, it has a Class 3 durability rating when utilised in-ground. These ratings allow this type of decking to last for around 25 to 40 years.

Minimised Upkeep

One more benefit that you can get from Merbau decking is it can minimise the need for regular upkeep. Some types of decking require regular maintenance to ensure that they can remain appealing and durable. But with Merbau decking, all you need to do is clean it with soapy water and a brush. You can also maintain it easily with just a coat of high-quality oil. Doing these things once a year can already preserve all the qualities of the Merbau decking.

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