Main Outdoor Applications of Cypress Sawn Sleepers

26 April 2023

Cypress sawn sleepers are the best materials property owners can invest in to achieve outdoor elements that are durable, appealing, flexible, and sustainable.

Property owners, contractors, and other people involved in building and construction works have a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing the materials for their projects. One part of these works that they must consider thoroughly is the sleeper.

A sleeper is a horizontal support element that can be utilised to provide a level surface for building materials or structures to be placed on. This element can be made from various materials, which include wood, concrete, or steel. Aside from providing a level surface, a sleeper can also provide a secure base for flooring. It can even be used in the construction of decks, garden beds, and other outdoor structures.

Many materials can be used in making a sleeper. One of these materials is cypress.

Primary Features of Cypress Sawn Sleepers

Cypress is a durable and water-resistant softwood that can be cut into sleepers. Once the cypress logs are cut into rectangular shapes along their length, they are converted into cypress sawn sleepers. They are then processed and treated further to make them useful for future use.

These durable sleepers can boast tons of features that make them useful for a lot of building and construction work, especially outdoor applications. These features are as follows.

  • Durable: One primary feature of cypress sawn sleepers is they are durable. These sleepers have natural durability and resistance to decay, insects, and rot. They can even withstand harsh weather conditions and the pressure of water and soil. All these qualities make these sleepers highly recommended for outdoor projects.
  • Appealing: Cypress sawn sleepers are also appealing. They have a natural and rustic look that can match the requirements of most outdoor structures and elements. They can showcase a warm and earthy appearance that can blend optimally with the outdoor environment, making them useful for landscaping work.
  • Flexible: Aside from being durable and appealing, cypress sawn sleepers are also flexible. Compared to other building materials, these specific materials are significantly easy to work with as they can be cut, shaped, and joined without any issues. This quality makes them useful for property owners who want to carry out DIY jobs.
  • Sustainable: Cypress sawn sleepers are eco-friendly building materials since their source materials come from renewable forests. They are also recyclable, biodegradable, and non-toxic, making them a safe and eco-friendly option for outdoor projects.

Cypress Sawn Sleeper Outdoor Applications

Cypress sawn sleepers can be used in many outdoor applications. Some of them are as follows.

  • Retaining Walls: Cypress sawn sleepers are ideal for constructing retaining walls. They are strong and durable, making them able to withstand the pressure of soil and water. Additionally, these sleepers are resistant to rot and decay, which ensures the longevity of the retaining wall. Their natural appearance also adds a rustic charm to the landscape.
  • Decking: Cypress sawn sleepers are also a popular choice for decking as they have natural durability and resistance to decay and insects. They are also ideal for outdoor decks as they can withstand harsh weather conditions and foot traffic.
  • Fencing: Cypress sawn sleepers are commonly used for fencing due to their strength and durability. Their resistance to harsh weather conditions, rot, and decay as well as their rustic charm makes them a popular choice for fencing projects.

Other outdoor applications of cypress sawn sleepers are garden edging, pathways, raised garden beds, and outdoor furniture pieces. Generally, cypress sawn sleepers are a reliable and attractive building material to consider if you want to obtain these outdoor projects.

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