Cutek Colourtone 180ml for Extreme CD50



All CUTEK® exterior wood oils are sold as clear, and if applied without an added colourtone they will cause the timber to quickly lighten naturally into a beautiful silver patina on exposure to sunlight and UV.


CUTEK® Extreme CD50 and CUTEK® Wood Preservative diffuse deeply into timber and will continue to provide moisture protection and improve dimensional stability even if the CUTEK® Colourtones are not added and the wood becomes weathered and grey.

If you would like to retain the natural freshly oiled colour of the timber you’re working with, you MUST add a suitable Colourtone to the clear oil. Choose one of our 16 Colourtones which have been specifically developed to closely match many popular wood species.

For best results, select a CUTEK® Colourtone that stays close to the natural shade of the coated timber.


CUTEK® Colourtones are only to be used with CUTEK® Extreme CD50 and CUTEK® Wood Preservative. CUTEK® Colourtones are not compatible with and must not be mixed into CUTEK® Interior or any third-party product.

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Sela Brown, New Bronzetone, Burnt Ash, Walnut, Cedartone, Autumntone, Burnt Red, Merbau, Light Oak, Goldtone, Honeycomb, Rustic Gold, White Wash, Grey Mist, Smokey Grey, Black Ash

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