4 Things You Should Consider in Building a Timber Fence

07 February 2023

A fence is an outdoor feature many property owners want to maximise as it helps improve the overall appeal and security of their properties. Once a fence is built, it can effectively enhance the curb appeal of their buildings. It can also deter strangers and burglars from forcibly entering their properties. A fence can even prevent neighbours from encroaching on their boundaries.

Many materials can be used in building a fence. But many property owners and contractors recommended timber as the primary material for a fence due to numerous reasons.

Primary Advantages of a Timber Fence

If you want to attain the perfect fence for your property, you must opt for one that is made from timber. A timber fence can provide tons of advantages to your property and your occupants. Some of these advantages are as follows.

• Ensured Protection: Utilising a timber fence can help you attain better privacy and security for your property since its height can be customised based on your preferences. It is also strong, preventing unwanted people from damaging them right away. And if you value privacy, you can expect your timber fence to block out excessive noise from your neighbours or nearby streets.

• Boosted Appearance: Tons of timber options are available in the market right now. Some options include treated pine, Merbau, cypress, redgum, and Victorian ash. These timber options boast unique appearances and looks that can make your property stand out in your community, especially if they are customised and integrated with great styles.

• Enhanced Versatility: One more advantage of a timber fence is it is versatile. Timber is a material that can be cut and coated further according to one’s liking. If you want to secure your property fully, you have the option to go for a taller fence. Alternatively, you can use shorter fences to effectively showcase your front yard to others.

Things to Consider for a Timber Fence

When building a timber fence for your property, you should consider the following things.

1. Purpose: Knowing the purpose of your fence can help contractors design one that would fit your needs. A high timber fence, for instance, can be installed if you want to block noise or add privacy. Alternatively, a beautiful short fence may be added if you only want to improve the curb appeal of your property.

2. Direction: The direction of your fence must also be considered to make it effective and safe. The smooth, finished side of your timber fence should face the neighbours so they do not have to see the rails, posts, and others that will only ruin its look.

3. Boundary: Knowing the boundaries of your property should likewise be your top priority when installing a fence. You do not want your neighbours to file a complaint just because of your new fence. A property survey may have to be conducted so that you and your contractor can know your property’s boundaries and rights of way.

4. Provider: One more thing to consider when installing a timber fence is your provider. You must only acquire a timber fence from a reputable provider or seller as you only want a fence that will last for a long time. Opting for a timber fence from random sellers may only push you to spend more money in the long run as it may deteriorate very quickly.

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